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A sampling of Hakky online shoe repair services include:

Hakky online shoe repair services are a great way to maintain the investment you’ve made in quality footwear. The following details the shoe repair services we offer through the Hakky online shoe repair brand. We have been providing quality shoe repair services for many years and are proud to bring these services to you online in a fast and convenient manner.


  • Replacing of worn heels, from ladies high heels to men’s work boots


  • Replacing worn soles (leather and rubber), including Vibram, Rockport, Dexter and Birkenstock, etc.


  • Machine stitch sewing on various materials


  • Stretching of shoes that are too tight


  • Replacing zippers, snaps, buckles, etc


  • Professional high luster wax shine


  • Coating with conditions and protectors

Protection soles

  • Make shoe wear longer, keep their shape, non-slip and water-proof

A sample of Hakky shoe care products:


  • For extra cushioning, keep feet cool and comfortable

Shoe trees

  • Makes shoes last longer, linings and insoles stay smooth


  • Protects shoes and boots against rain, snow and slush

Cleaners & conditioners

  • Cleans, conditions and renews your shoes


  • Various styles and colors

Experience the difference Hakky can make.
We make old shoes look as good as new ones and your new ones feel as good as old ones.

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